5 Steps Away From Flawless Skin - The Best Face Care Regimen

5 Steps Away From Flawless Skin - The Best Face Care Regimen

Skin care is a challenge that you must face up to if you really want gorgeous healthy skin without flaws. How to do it properly? We know the theory when it comes to the use of specific cosmetics yet we often don't know which ones to choose and what order to apply them to face. Many of you wrongly treat micellar water as the only skin care product replacing a toner, cream and serum. Meanwhile, skin needs a little bit more to keep healthy, beautiful and young. Discover perfect face care. You're just five steps away from flawless skin.

How to keep your face healthy & good-looking?

5 steps to get flawless skin

Step 1 Cleanser

Most of us think that a moisturizer is the most important element of skin care. It's not, though. Cleansing your face matters the most, actually. It is the basis of healthy skin and key aspect of skin care thanks to which it is able to function properly. Poorly-cleansed skin has poorer absorption so even the finest-quality cream won't fulfil its purpose. Moreover, toxins that build up and aren't removed effectively, makeup residue and fragments of dead cells block (clog) the outlets of sebaceous glands, which keeps skin from breathing. Consequently, you are left with pimples, blackheads and disrupted skin function. The hydro-lipid balance is disturbed so your skin is either oily or extremely dry. Care for it properly already at this very first stage and choose cleansing routine on the highest level. Here are the best skin-cleansing methods:

OCM (oil cleansing method) - the most effective skin cleansing method which is based on the ‘oil dissolves oil’ rule. That is why oils are second to none when removing even waterproof makeup, excess of sebum, impurities, leaving skin silky smooth, fresh, pure and ready for further treatments. Castor oil is the top choice for OCM. Feel free to mix it with other natural oils creating your perfect OCM blend. Choose argan, avocado or jojoba oil or mix all of them to suit your preferences and needs of the skin.

micellar water + foam cleanser (or gel) - if you go for more traditional cleansing methods and you find it hard to give up on micellar water, you're going to need support to precisely cleanse the skin. Gentle yet strongly-working face foams top other products. Of course, you need to match it to suit your skin type and use it after removing makeup with micellar water.

Step 2 Toner

Giving up on a toner is a common skin care mistake. Don't treat it like a relic of the past; it is essential ingredient in your skin care. Its effect is sadly underrated. Actually it is the toner that restores pH, acidifies, gently softens epidermis and increases skin's absorption abilities, that is works as a brilliant primer for other products. A good facial toner also has a conditioning effect thanks to plant extracts and other ingredients essential for keeping skin in shape.

Watery and lightweight formula lets the cosmetic's particles penetrate deeper epidermis layers, which makes toner a highly-effective product.

Which toner to choose?

Ideally, pick natural one without silicones and short-chain alcohols, PEGs or petroleum derivatives. Take a look at hydrosols - all-natural flower waters obtained through the steam distillation; they are irreplaceable in skin care.

Thermal water is another effective facial toner - a huge amount of many crucial elements makes it one of the best natural toners. Thermal water contains iron, sodium, selenium, lithium, silicon, potassium and magnesium.

Moreover, thermal water has skin-soothing effect, strengthens, repairs and alleviates all kinds of inflammation, blocks the activity of free radicals and slows down aging process. 

Step 3 Facial serum

Face serum is one of the strongest-working skin-conditioning products. The idea is to give skin intensive revitalization.

Watery, lightweight consistency is a secret to the serum's effectiveness: active ingredients reach the deepest skin layers where a moisturizer has no chance to get. Thanks to serum, you've got the chance to work on skin more strongly. Effect? Intensive repair, nutrient boost, hydration, rejuvenation and enhanced treatment of many skin conditions.

Serum is formulated without substances working on external skin layers. Its composition is mostly made up of active ingredients which are supposed to work more deeply. That is why such products contain highly-valuable substances. The effectiveness of the most popular serum's components is confirmed and, among others, you will find natural oils (mostly argan oil and jojoba oil which abound in EFAs, phytosterols and flavonoids, as well as essential substances for skin - vitamins A, C, E), hyaluronic acid (binds water molecules and keeps skin young), coenzyme Q10 - strong anti-free radicals fighter, stem cells (mostly derived from a rare apple variety but also from Argan tree), collagen - protein of youth, necessary for keeping skin's elasticity.

How to choose the best face serum?

A quality face serum equals brilliant results and top-notch ingredients that keep the skin flawless every day. Don't pick some fancy products overloaded by substances. Go for the best active ingredients whose effectiveness has been proven. Hyaluronic acid, retinol, vitamin C or mineral-dense aloe bring you closer to the stunning skin. All of them can be found in the serums from Nanoil. Choose your favorite serum and experience the splendid effect of the finest components on your skin. While shopping, always pay attention to the selection of active ingredients because they make the product work the way the manufacturer promises.

Step 4 Eye cream

Under-eye skin care is quite crucial as this face area is affected by wrinkles most quickly. A lightweight under-eye skin moisturizer is recommended to use already after turning 20. 

Surely, eye skin will benefit from natural vegetable oils - they form microscopic occlusion on skin's surface, protecting sensitive, delicate face regions against damage. If you introduce natural eye skin care at a young age, wrinkles will invade your face with delay. A good oil mixed with hyaluronic acid is like investment that translates into skin's bounce and youthful looks in a long run.

Step 5 Moisturizer

Without doubts, a moisturizer is an essential. It's been long known and used: the first product of this kind was found in the tomb of Tutankhamun. Already in the 14th century BC in Egypt face creams were made by mixing animal-derived fat and... blood of reptiles. Later on, first antiaging mixtures were made based on wax, cypress and olive oil (quickly replaced by and still valued almond oil). 

Nowadays, ingredients in face creams are upgraded and make up more refined potions, however, natural oils can't be replaced by any other substances: they equal priceless source of flavonoids and plant sterols, EFAs, squalane, carotenoids and natural sunscreen. Their conditioning power makes them a common ingredient in both day and night creams. What's the point of this division actually? How are day and bedtime moisturizers different?

Day face cream

It's a product that answers our needs and specific activity of skin that nobody had thought about until recently. A quality face cream shouldn't only nourish and moisturize skin but also protect against outside aggressors and UV radiation damage. A day cream is lighter, has fewer active repairing ingredients, it mainly focuses on keeping skin safe. That's why it often contains natural oils having protective, soothing and occlusive properties. They upgrade the prestige of a cosmetic, that's for sure. If your moisturizer is missing natural oils, no worries! Mix it with a few drops of a chosen beauty oil before application.

Modern face creams address the most common skin problems of our times. That's why there are so many 'urban' day creams being created - apart from delivering sun and frost protection, they are rich in substances forming anti-pollution shield which protects skin against the environmental pollution.

Night face cream

It means more advanced skin care. A nighttime facial cream is heavier, has a stronger conditioning effect and works more intensively because of strong nutrients which guard your skin when the most intensive repairing processes occur, that is during sleep.

Extra skin care

Apart from five basic steps to follow in skin care, there are also exceptional rituals which must be carried out regularly, working intensively on skin. A face scrub and masks will complement your skin care delivering amazing results. Enzymes play a key role in such cosmetics; priceless substances that perfectly remove the mix of sebum and dead skin cells.

Enzymes used for beauty purposes are derived from fruit. How do they affect your skin? Imagine a different family of enzymes which are responsible for food digestion in your stomach. Cosmetic enzymes work in a very similar way e.g. papain which 'digests' dead cells on the skin's surface. As a result, there are brand new healthy cells and your skin looks fresh and youthful.

AHA acids make up another group of skin-cleansing and epidermis-revitalizing ingredients in scrubs. Until recently, they were used exclusively in professional salon treatments. Currently, you can use acids on skin at home. After this deeply-cleansing therapy, use a face mask which is another intensive form of skin care, instantly upgrading the condition and looks of your skin.

All above-mentioned products and treatments are the key to healthy, lovely-looking, young skin. There is one essential thing to remember, though. Always choose fine-quality natural cosmetics. Check quality of beauty oils and go for organic products with certification. Do the same when shopping for toners and flower waters. Read INCI of your moisturiser-to-be. Your skin care routine has a chance of becoming perfect, just like your skin.

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