Beautiful hair right away - what is a hair serum and how does it work?

Beautiful hair right away - what is a hair serum and how does it work?

Damaged, dry and unruly hair requires strong and instant regenerating treatment. Your regular shampoo and a conditioner might not be enough to face such a challenge. In this case, it is the time for a hair serum to swoop in – is it worth using and if so, why? What exactly is a good hair serum and how does it work? Is it able to instantly restore hair’s impeccable condition? How to provide the hair with intensive regeneration and enhance its looks? Let’s find out!

Hair serum – what is it?

Hair serum is a thick substance, usually with an oily or gel-like consistency, sealed in a bottle of small to medium size. It is a condensed essence made up of various strong nutritional substances. Its main aim is to immediately improve the appearance of hair - the serum not only affects the scales of the hair but also works on the surface. Such a cosmetic is mainly a silicone bomb responsible for nourishing damaged, unruly, frizzy, or dehydrated, and weakened hair. Many women reach for a hair serum because they want to achieve an effect similar to hair laminating. Can we really get such amazing results with the use of a serum?

How does a hair serum work and what effects does it provide? [effects]

You can reach for a serum whenever you notice that the appearance of your hair has worsened significantly. It is a great treatment for upgrading the looks of the strands – it conditions, smooths out, protects against damage and increases radiance.

Beautiful hair right away

Who should be using a hair serum?

There are no regulations or restrictions in regard to who can and who shouldn’t use a hair serum. The cosmetic market offers a wide range of serums so it is easy to select the one that will be the answer to the needs of a particular hair type. Women tend to look for products that work wonders after the very first use and instantly enhance the looks. Thus, a hair serum is often considered to be a beautifying treatment.

Among these types of cosmetics, there are specialized products targeted at specific hair needs. What types of serums are the most popular?

Hair serum - types

  • hair serum for damaged ends
  • serum for dry hair
  • hair loss serum
  • serum for weakened, frizzy hair
  • serum for hair damaged due to heat styling
  • serum for color-treated hair
  • serum for mature hair
  • heat-protective hair serum

Hair Serum - how to select a good-quality serum?

First of all, when choosing a hair serum, do not be deceived that it will ‘seal’ existing split ends or strongly regenerate damaged hair. However, provided that it is used on regular basis, it can protect the strands from damage and prevent the ends from splitting in the future. The properties of a hair serum are often limited to protecting the hair from damage and improving its appearance. The most important thing to keep an eye on when buying a good-quality serum is its composition. The more heavy silicones and short, monohydric alcohols are contained in the serum, the more it dries hair!

Furthermore, when purchasing a hair serum, you should be aware that these products improve the appearance of your hair only superficially and wash off with the first shampooing. A good hair serum should, therefore, contain as many active substances as possible, which will be able to nourish hair and have a positive effect on its condition (natural vegetable oils, collagen, keratin, vitamins, ceramides, and herbal extracts). It is important that the hair serum contains volatile or light silicones that do not adversely affect the structure of the strands.

How (and how often) do you use a hair serum? [use]

The hair serum can be used even several times a day unless the producer recommends otherwise. Most often, the serum is to be used just every morning, before styling the hair. It tames the strands, improves their appearance, polishes, protects, and makes the hair easier to style.

Also, the hair serum can be applied to dry hair before hair styling or to wet strands immediately after washing. This will protect the hair from the high temperature emitted by the blow-dryer.

Hair serum is a thick cosmetic, with a strong concentration, therefore, when applying it to the hair, remember not to overdo with its quantity – usually, two doses administered with the help of the attached pump or dropper suffice.

Will the serum accelerate hair growth and prevent hair loss?

Let's debunk this myth - no hair serum is able to inhibit hair loss or accelerate growth. Why? The answer is quite logical. The composition of the hair serum disqualifies it as a means that would be suitable for rubbing into the scalp, and this is the only way to regenerate the hair follicles, strengthen them and stimulate to work. A cosmetic applied only to the ends or even to the entire length of the hair has the power to improve the appearance or structure, however, it does not provide reinforcement on the root level.

Hair serum - reviews

The hair serum collects a variety of opinions - mainly because you can find a product with excellent composition that doesn't only beautify, but also affect the hair nutritionally, or a serum, which contains a lot of controversial substances and only temporarily improves the appearance of the hair, and often, after prolonged use, directly contribute to the hair damage.

Hair serum: immediate repair or immediate improvement?

When choosing a hair serum, think about what kind of hair problem you want it to fight with. If you want to enhance the radiance or the hair color - reach for a serum that’s designed directly for this purpose. Fine hair and tangled hair will also find an "ally" among the range of hair serums. There are products that build microscopic coating on the hair surface thanks to which it becomes thicker (unfortunately, this effect only lasts until the next hair wash and so the hair does not get thicker even in a long run). Such a glossy hair effect similar to the one obtained through hair lamination is also only temporary and disappears after shampooing.

A heat protection serum will be a very good idea to use in the summertime. It will not only protect the hair from the high temperature of the blow-dryer but also shield the hair from strong sun and UV radiation.

However, remember that too frequent use of silicones and alcohols contributes to hair dehydration and deterioration after prolonged use of the serum. In other words, the hair serum provides mainly beautifying and hair protecting qualities - its regenerative "abilities" are often very limited. It is an excellent product that upgrades the appearance of hair, but it should not be treated as a treatment that repairs damaged strands.

Hair serum or hair oil - what to choose?

What can you use instead of a silicone-based hair serum? If your aim is to regenerate and nourish the hair - it is worth reaching for natural hair oils rather than a hair serum. Only oils are able to rebuild and regenerate the core of hair and penetrate into the internal structures. Oils have beneficial influence not only on the entire length, but also the inner structures of the hair, and most importantly, its bulbs. Properly carried out hair oiling is like a professional hair treatment.

How come a hair oil works better than a hair serum?

It is said that a hair oil is a "serum created by nature" - it is a perfect and safe remedy for all hair problems, and its composition makes the oil suitable for applying to the scalp, and therefore, it not only beautifies but also repairs the hair inside. Also, oils have protective abilities - thanks to them, the hair gains a shield against damage (including mechanical damage, such as strong rubbing with the towel, combing, etc.). That is why oils outclass every hair serum.

The advantage of oils over hair serums

Hair serum with oil content - does it work?

A serum, which contains natural oils, will be effective only if its composition will not include substances disqualifying them as a strengthening treatment for the hair bulbs. If you want to rebuild and strengthen thinning hair, which grows slower and becomes damaged too quickly – you better reach for cosmetics with oil content that are safe for the scalp and abound in active regenerating substances. This is the only way to provide your hair not only with a beautiful appearance, but also health, which probably you care about most.

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